gabriella hileman

photographer, graphic designer and founder of arts collective cybertwee

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hologram machine for the modern cyber femme
(macintosh classic ii body, plexi glass, velvet, electronic tablet, electrodes, ekg circuit, 2011 Macbook pro, MaxMSP)

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this project, displayed at the Sullivan Galleries in 2013, was an installation comprised of a homebrew electrocardiogram detector, and a "hologram" projector (executed by pepper's ghost).

the EKG circuit measured my heartbeat. each heartbeat would trigger the program to select one of my alter-ego identities at random. a video feed of me as this identity was projected into the "hologram machine" housed by an empty Macintosh Classic.

role: project manager, design, demonstration and documentation.
additional technology direction by Robb Drinkwater.

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3d sculptures for cybertwee shown in Milan at Placentia Arte

girl + puppy and compilation by Gabriella Hileman. venus fly trap by May Waver

additional .obj documentation:

an immersive, projection-mapped geodesic dome for cybertwee
with Violet Forest and May Waver

installed at Godine Gallery (Massachusetts College of Art and Design)

role: project leader, designer, technology direction

curated by Emma Lanctôt and Renée Silva

"a calming immersive environment, a hypermedia escape away from the noise of data overload in the world outside.
here signal becomes self care."

concept art and final diagrams created in Adobe:

geodesic frame constructed in steel. mapping executed with 3 projectors, Processing, Modul8 and Madmapper: